How does being in motion affect our perception? 

When we walk through a forest –either alone or accompanied– a surprising phenomenon occurs. While we move, everything else stop (I mean, most of the living beings that inhabit the place). If we pause our movement and stay silent and discreet, all those beings will move anew, the whole dynamics will start again. Many times when we draw we try to freeze what is happening, capture a single instant of a continuous flow.

This is the practice: As before, use a paper and a marker to represent always with a continuous line; you can have another sweet if you want to ... you may need it, this is a hard work! The challenge is to represent two movements using just one line: the movement inside your own body (1) and your body itself moving through space (2).

Remember that this is a challenge, a formula that never has been resolved … until now. Can't wait to see the outcome!

Only AFTER finish, check out all these different results.

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