We ourselves belong to the planetary body, so we are all potential Gardens of Eden. While moving, we are Eden in Motion.

I have always been seduced by the variations (drawing, painting, engraving) that Paul Klee made on the figure of the tightrope walker. No doubt the line of the rope and the body is a continuous line of drawing. As the whole flows, they are written and inscribed.

This is the practice: Use a paper and a marker while walking the "tightrope". For this one, you will also need a tape and a thick marker. First, define a line with the tape. Draw on it the line that the tightrope walkers (Edens in Motion) will follow. While the tightrope walkers move without leaving the line, they draw. 

The exercise ends when the energy stops and one of the bodies manifests it. 

Share with the group how movement affects your spatial perception and the experience of peripheral vision during this practice.

AFTER finish, check out these "other being's shapes". You can also share yours...

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