Drawing what we do not see (but feel through other senses) takes us into a particular and subjective territory, it certainly takes us out of our comfort zone.

So, before starting these sessions, it is very important to build the participants' confidence. It is essential you to understand that there are no right or wrong results, all them are valid or right ones. The diverse plurality of all the answers we can get is not a symptom of disagreement, but a confirmation of the differences in perception and representation strategies of each one.

This is the practice: Use just a paper and a marker, we will also need a small piece of sweet; remember we always use continuous line, this means we do not lift our pen from the paper. Continuous line drawing is a record, not only of what we see, think or imagine... it is a time recording. Time is captured in that line we draw and, somehow, space too.

Put the sweet into your mouth and start drawing what happen inside your organism. I know... you can't see, but you can feel it. Do not try to draw from outside what is happening inside you (I suggest you close your eyes to better drawing!). This is about represent –through the continuous line– what is going on according to your senses. How does all those particles move into your body? How do you feel the shape of yourself from inside?

AFTER finish, check out these "other being's shapes". You can also share yours...

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