Most of times, drawing while moving expression makes us imagine the experience of drawing a landscape (or a scene) while moving through space. It is not a new activity, there is a long history of artists drawing from a ship, a train, a car... facing the paradox of being both: inside and outside (in the train and over the landscape).

This starting point in which drawing and movement converge has been explored before by other people, teachers or researchers. However, I believe that some specific aspects radically differentiate this initiative from others. The objectives that stand out (on the differentiation) are: the training of multi-sensory perception; the cultivation of non-formal drawing skills; the introduction to locative narratives; and the design of experiences mediated by drawing but based on a sensoriality that broadens the gaze. Among the particular characteristics that affect drawing, I would highlight: the use of the continuous line as a constant strategy of correspondence between space/time/body; the endogenous, introspective approach - always inwards and not outwards - and not only concerning our thoughts or feelings, but also to the interior of our organism.

We do not draw then what is outside, but what is inside us. This approach connects directly with a personal artistic project (active at the moment), in which I reflect on the inexorable continuity between the inside and the outside (To Being Eden).

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