This space is intended for sharing teaching and learning experiences (related to drawing) with experts in the field. A selection of some great encounters with even greater artists.

Some questions we addressed are: May we talk about a "correct way of drawing"?. If so, what makes the difference between a wrong drawing and a correct one?. From your experience... what is the main difference between drawing and painting?. We can think that drawing lines are “somehow” recorded time, experienced time. How do you think the time we pass drawing change our life? or... Try to resume (from your personal artistic experience) and in only one phrase, the main secret to attempt what you will describe as a successful drawing.

Finally, some transformative exercises.

Working across walking arts, audio, installation, object making and drawing, Stephanie Whitelaw's work "is shaped by ongoing study into the ways in which an art practice can braid a deep connection with place". Elise Ashby and Stephanie developed in 2022 Peripheri, tending to corners with Art Walk Projects. The project explored "the ecology of place, turning attention to plant life within unmanaged places. Over the course of six months, the four sites were connected together through the act of walking, drawing and sensory mapping of the site. A walking community formed over time, experiencing these sites a local collective".